I would like to welcome all parents and visitors to Schole International Academy. My vision is to develop the little mischievous wizards into responsible global citizens by the time they complete school and are yearning to move forward. At school level, students should have enough freedom to explore new ideas, to take risks and develop the temperament to become lifelong learners. Teachers should guide them in the early classes but at the same time give them room to make mistakes and learn from them. A key element is positive attitude in every part of the learning process.

We are in the 21 st century and technological era is here to stay. In fact, it is now growing exponentially. Therefore, digital education is inevitable and the sooner we all adapt to it in our teaching and learning, the quicker we will be able to stand side by side with the rest of the world. As Professor Elmore of Harvard University put it, we are in the Distributed Individual mode of learning, one step away from the ultimate stage, the Distributed Collective Mode.

Teachers, parents and students need to cooperate and stand together to make learning successful.

I look forward to an exciting journey with you all at Schole.

Abdullah Akhtar

Head of School